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John J Powers - Comedian (Comedy Guy)
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Meh, an Empire State of Mind parody (Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, NYC, manhattan, New York City JayZ Alicia Keys)
John Powers Animation Cartoon Comedy
Emo Joe - An Emotical Guy... Emoticon dating featuring Duncan Jay
John just released a parody of Daydream.
It's called Facebook and it's on iTunes.

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Dear John (Comedy Dating Advice Column) Articles on Sex & Relationships
Are You F'in Kidding Me?! Anti-Semantic Show rants (Chinese Mushroom, Eddie Griffin lesbian, Billy Murray karaoke tour, Tour De France tacks, Addidas shackle shoe my pet monster, marijuana, pot, olympics terrorism tribute, turtle taped to balloons, butterfly mutations, marriage proposal fake own death, gulf levee break, aligator at your pool party, brooklyn rave party blind, crazy taxi, trump, obama, birth, certificate, passport, Liquid, acid, LSD, 2012, mayans, mayan, prophesy, nostradamus, end, world, probe, caveman, neanderthal, pope, quit, blade, runner, doritos, locos, tacos, organovo, bioprinting, 3d, angelina, jolie, boobs, dr, deepthroat, google, glass, glasses, citibike, citi, bike, royal baby, amber, gta, grand theft auto 5, asswipe, dollar shave club, invisible bike helmet, knockout game, flexible phone, christmas shopping suicide, ibeacon) #RUFKM
John's parody songs on iTunes! Empire State of Meh (Empire State of Mind), Venereal Disease (Hey There Delilah) & Get Some Blow (Somebody I Used to Know) Buy your mp3 today... click here!
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